Fast food infographics

A picture paints a thousand words

What's all this kJ stuff about? Check out our collection of infographics that make the complex, simple.

Take the Stairs - Lose 2.7kgs a year

Gain two flights of stairs a day lose 2.7kgs a year


Take the Stairs - Heart

Take the stairs your heart will thank you.


Take the Stairs - Butts and thighs

Butts and thighs really love stairs.


Take the Stairs - Climbing stairs

Climbing the stairs burns kilojoules 3 x faster than walking.


Take the Stairs - 10 minutes - Lemonade

10 minutes of stairs burns 500kJ, thats a can of lemonade.


Take the Stairs - 10 minutes - Latte

10 minutes of stairs burns 500kJ, thats a full cream latte.


Up Size Me

How often do you upgrade your portions? Here is our breakdown of the difference in kJ when going from small to large.


Watch out for winter weight gain

What are Aussies saying about gaining weight over winter. Check it out.


Swap your way to a healthier you

Managing a healthy weight range is all about choices. Here are a few.