So what is 8700 kJ all about then?

It’s simple really.

The NSW Government has passed laws that, for the first time, make information about the energy content of fast food and snack food from larger chains available when purchasing.

It gives consumers information so they can make informed choices.

Why 8700 kJ?

Well that’s pretty simple too.

8700 kJs is the number of kJs the average Australian adult consumes each day. And, it’s the benchmark used for the energy content on packaged food labels.

Of course, everyone needs a different amount. But 8700 will give you an easy-to-remember starting point when you’re thinking about what’s the right daily intake figure for you.

Especially when you’re deciding what to eat at the larger food chains.

You may notice the chains are now displaying the kJ count for their standard items, next to the prices.

This site is all about those figures.

What is a kilojoule (kJ)?

Nearly everything we eat and drink provides our bodies with energy to fuel our basic body functions and physical activity.

This energy is measured in kilojoules (kJ). When we are active, our bodies burn up more kJ energy.

The average Australian adult consumes about 8700kJ a day.

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