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Fast Food Survey Released

Australian fast food ‘emma’ survey findings released. Did you know that 42 per cent of Australians visited a McDonald’s restaurant in the past four weeks?

Find out more about the countries dining habits here:‘emma’-survey-findings-released.html

Gaming Consoles & Weight Loss in Obese Children

Did you know that gaming consoles can actually help obese kids loose weight?

Find out more here:

Federal Government Physical Activity Guidelines

The Federal Government has released Physical Activity Guidelines- 'Make your move – Sit less – Be active for life!' These guidelines provide recommendations around the amount of exercise Australian need to do, and for the first time discuss the detrimental effects of sedentary behaviour.

For full guidelines head here:

For an article about the guidelines, head here:

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Did you know you can follow 8700 on both Facebook and Twitter? In fact over 10,000 people already keep up to date with the latest news, hints and tips about healthy living and a stack more.

Over the past couple of months we've had some great feedback and our followers have been involved in a range of exciting things like a live web chat with recently retired Eels legend Nathan Hindmarsh. Some even got the chance to spend some time with Hindy at a special BBQ.

We've also enjoyed welcoming Olympic Medallist and Aussie Swimming legend Geoff Huegill as an 8700 Ambassador. Geoff helped us take our message to a new audience as we launched 8700 labelling on selected pre packaged foods in supermarkets. Geoff shared his own battle with weight gain with us and his Facebook chat gave our followers some great tips on their own healthy living journey.

And you can't overlook some of the more whimsical things we've stumbled across and shared with people as we look to bring you things to inspire and entertain (just check out some of the shots below - a lot of people couldn't resist sharing those 'crafty' food shots).

But perhaps the highlight over the last few months has been the number of people who have downloaded the 8700 mobile app so they can make more informed food choices when they're out and about. In fact, we've just kicked over 150,000 downloads.

So stay tuned for more over the coming months. There's still a lot to talk about and we look forward to it.

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8700 Ambassador Geoff Huegill shares his tips on a healthy lifestyle.

Geoff Huegill


As we told you in our last news article, Silver and Bronze winning Olympian and five times world swimming champion Geoff Huegill, joined us recently as an ambassador for 8700kJ. And over the past week or so Geoff has been sharing his tips for healthy living, training regimes and more with our followers on our Facebook page.

When Geoff first retired from competitive swimming at 26 following the 2004 Athens Olympics his weight increased to 138kg. In one of sport’s greatest ever come-backs he fought his way back to fitness and went on to win eight gold medals in the first seven months in 2010, including gold for butterfly at the 2010 Commonwealth Games. He now weighs in at 95kg. As one of our Facebook followers Mark Storer commented; "He (also) transformed his entire outlook on life and re-gained the respect of the entire community, he is a legend for that alone in my humble opinion".

In case you missed it, here is some of what Geoff talked about.

Geoff, I want to get fit but I don’t know how to get started. Any tips?

Success is about meeting the expectations you put on yourself. You don’t need to have an Olympic standard training program in place when you’re first starting out. In my case I began keeping a food diary and doing 30 minutes a day of exercise.

Geoff, what exercises do you recommend based on your own training regime?

Don’t expect miracles overnight. Try to establish a routine with your exercise, and aim to build your fitness gradually.

I like a combination of spin classes, weights, running, and of course, swimming.

Geoff, how important is a good diet?

I enjoy food, but you have to stop sometimes and have a think about what you are putting in your mouth. It is much harder to burn excess weight off through exercise after over-indulging than to make sure you are eating a sensible, balanced diet in the first place.

Are there supplements I can take to improve my fitness?

I take multivitamins, vitamin C and anti-oxidants daily, but for advice on a tailored diet for your specific fitness goals, I’d recommend you consult a sports dietitian.

Geoff has also forged success in the business world as an athlete-entrepreneur with his own company, which has a unique propriety product, Be-Your-Best (BYB) which aims to help people apply a champion mindset in achieving a personal best in life.

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Olympic medallist Geoff Huegill helps spread the 8700 word

Geoff Huegill


Why did NSW Food Authority enlist Geoff Huegill as the ambassador for 8700kJ?

We were thrilled to recently welcome Silver & Bronze winning Olympian and 5 times world Swimming Champion Geoff Huegill, as an ambassador for 8700kJ.

Geoff, along with NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell and Primary Industries Minister Katrina Hodgkinson, was on hand at the Woolworths supermarket in Bondi Junction to officially launch the next phase in the 8700 campaign. From 13 February people can now find the kJ information on a range of popular convenience foods available through selected supermarkets. Importantly, this information has also been added to the ever growing database of fast foods that can be searched on the 8700 website and mobile app.

As one of the modern day greats of Australian swimming who once waged his own battle against unhealthy eating and rapid weight gain (he got up to 138kgs before taking positive steps to get active and healthy again) , Geoff is now a passionate advocate for making smarter food choices.

“I want to be a really positive example to everyone who wants to live a healthy life; I hope my story will motivate others to put their health first and make time to look after themselves”, said Geoff.

He went on to add, “I’ve got a young family so I’m more interested in knowing what’s in the food we eat when we are out and about or grocery shopping. Knowing the energy content of food is a great tool in making better decisions when shopping, so I’m more than happy to help get the message out about kilojoule labelling”.

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8700 recognised with national awards

It's been a couple of big months for the NSW Food Authority's popular 8700 campaign.

Recent market research shows that awareness of the role kJ's play in maintaining a healthy weight has seen a pronounced improvement across the community. Lots of people are taking advantage of the convenience of the 8700 mobile application to stay in the know about kJ's while they're out and about. And the campaign has recently picked up a number of national awards for effectiveness, among them; Best Health Category Campaign at the Public Relations Institute of Australia's Golden Target Awards at the State and national level, a bronze award in the Association for Data Driven Marketing & Advertising (ADMA) Awards for Excellence and the 8700 mobile app also won its category in the Australian Mobile Awards.

"This is a high accolade for the NSW Food Authority, to be recognised as having a nationally leading communication campaign in the health category proves we're on the right track to engaging our target audiences through digital platforms as well as community engagement activities," said Food Authority CEO Polly Bennett.

"Rather than telling people what they can and can't eat, the 8700 kilojoule app empowers people with information about the energy content of what they're eating. It's a great free tool for NSW consumers to assist them in making better food choices and maintaining a healthy weight," Ms Bennett said.

If you haven't done so already, why not download the 8700 mobile app now? It includes updates to the fast food chains and menu items and lots of new activity ideas for Summer.

Win a BBQ with Hindy winners announced

Nathan Hindmarsh in action

We're thrilled to let you know that the winners of the 8700 Facebook competition, "Win a BBQ with Hindy" have been selected.

Over the past couple of weeks we've invited our Facebook friends to tell us in 25 words or less, 'Why you want to kick off your health goals by being kilojoule conscious this month?' for the chance to spend the afternoon at a BBQ with Eels legend Nathan Hindmarsh.

And the response was huge. There were some great answers so the judges had a tough time choosing a winner. So a big congratulations to Matt from Warners Bay for his winning entry:

'Why you want to kick off your health goals by being kilojoule conscious this month?

'To get out, To get about, To get fit, To never sit, To feel Mighty. Just like Hindy'.

Well done Matt, you and 4 of your mates will get to hang out with Hindy and ask him all your fitness questions. We hope you enjoy your BBQ.

And a big congrats to our runners up prize pack winners

Aaron W, ACT. Alex M, NSW. Andrew G, NSW. Aneta, NSW. Arran T, NSW. Bill M, NSW. Brodie E, NSW. Bryan C, QLD. Craig E, NSW. Danielle M, NSW. David M, ACT. Erin L, NSW. Ian, NSW. Joselyn, NSW. Josh L-M, NSW. Leonie N, NSW. Lisa U, NSW. Matt F, NSW. Michael B, NSW. Mick R, NSW. Sarah B, NSW. Sean T, NSW. Seerat H, NSW. Shannon H, QLD. Tammy N, NSW. Tim, NSW. Toni H, NSW. Mohamed C, NSW. Nicole C, NSW. Ricardo A, NSW

A big thank you to everyone who entered and to those who also took part in our Facebook Live Chat with Hindy and good luck with your health goals this Summer.

8700 reasons to change the way you think about fast food

Media release - 1 March 2012

Minister for Primary Industries, Katrina Hodgkinson today launched a new education campaign to encourage consumers to make informed choices about fast and ready-to-go food.

Ms Hodgkinson said the 8700kJ campaign is focused on educating the public about their kilojoule intake and giving them easy access to information in order to make balanced food choices.

The 8700kJ campaign follows NSW legislation which has seen the introduction of kilojoule labelling on menu boards since 1 February 2012.

"Fast food chains with twenty or more outlets in NSW are now required to display the kilojoule content of all items on their menus.

"It is a first for Australian consumers and NSW is leading the way when it comes to ensuring the public have the right information at their fingertips to make more educated decisions about their kilojoule intake.

"The average Australian consumes 8700 kilojoules of food and drink each day, yet only five per cent of people are aware of how many kilojoules they should be consuming.

"From today, to complement the legislation and new labelling system, consumers can visit to calculate their ideal kilojoule intake, search food outlets to see how many kilojoules are in the food they are eating, and learn about how exercise can help burn kilojoules.

"To further help consumers make good decisions about what they eat, the NSW Government has launched an 8700kJ app which will be available on iPhone, iPad and and Android.

"The NSW Government is putting information in the hands of consumers when they need it," Ms Hodgkinson said.

NSW Food Authority research shows that almost two thirds of people recently surveyed about their purchasing patterns at fast food outlets said they buy ready-to-go foods at least once a week.

8700kJ campaign ambassador and nutritionist, Dr Joanna McMillan said the 8700kJ concept is unique and arms consumers with the tools to take responsibility for their eating habits. "Knowing the number of kilojoules in each food and beverage item before you buy makes an enormous difference in the decision making process," Dr McMillan said.

NSW Food Authority Chief Scientist, Dr Lisa Szabo said that research indicates consumers want to be able to make smart food decisions despite fast and snack food consumption being on the rise and patronage at ready-to-go food outlets doubling in the past 10 years.

"Australians who regularly purchase convenience foods tend to choose the same meals each time and the majority don't know the kilojoule content of what they are consuming," Dr Szabo. Ms Hodgkinson encouraged the public to visit the 8700kJ website and learn more about their individual kilojoule intake.

"The NSW Government has found there is a strong desire to make informed eating decisions but until now Australians haven't had the tools to do so. The 8700kJ campaign is about providing these tools for people to make balanced decisions about food without telling them what to eat," Ms Hodgkinson said.