A small step for you, a giant beep for your heart

Taking the stairs instead of an escalator or elevator can make a real difference to your health over time. It's a simple change that turns your daily routine, into a daily kilojoule burner.

The science bit

A study in the US shows that climbing two flights of stairs each day, leads to an average person losing 2.7 kg a year. It also indicated that taking the stairs has cardiovascular benefits and is associated with reduced risk of coronary heart disease. (Brownell, Stunkard and Albaum, 1980)

During the study, posters encouraging stair use were positioned near elevators and escalators, and they led to a greater number of people climbing the stairs and losing weight in the process.

Take the stairs

To inspire you to burn more kilojoules too, we're launching our very own TAKE THE STAIRS initiative across NSW.

Some of the facts and stats we'll be sharing are:

  • Climbing the stairs burns kilojoules 3 X faster than walking
  • 10 minutes of stairs burns 500 kilojoules – that's a full cream latte
  • 2 flights of stairs a day – lose 2.7kg a year
  • Butts and thighs really love stairs

So leave the elevator button alone, say no to the escalator and burn extra kilojoules every day.

Download our stairs infographics now: