Just open and serve

As we all get busier and 'time' seems to be the thing we have the least of, it's not surprising that Australians have embraced the idea of ready-to-eat foods. You know, the convenience meals you can pick up from the supermarkets that don’t need any more preparation or cooking. They're easy, and more and more of us are relying on them to save time in the kitchen. But like all foods, these ready-to-eat meals count towards the number of kJ you'll take in so it pays to know just what you're eating.

That's why we've added supermarket ready-to-eat 'standard' foods such as hot chickens, salads, some cakes and bakery items to the NSW labelling laws. You will find this kJ information alongside the product description and price on the shelf and on the product itself at selected supermarkets.

You'll find that the kJ content featured is based on a serving size of 100g. You will need to calculate the total kJ for the ready-to-eat foods based on actual weight.

Check out the kJ content of a range of example ready-to-eat foods with our search tool.