What's the best burger you've ever had?

It's fair to say that Aussie's love burgers. Over 289 million of the things were eaten in 2011 alone. You do the maths and you'll figure out that’s about 12 a year for every man, woman and child. So we got to thinking, 'What’s the best burger you’ve ever had?' While you’re thinking about that, we've got some tips on how you can blow it out of the water by making your own burgers at home.

You'll find they can be a stack better tasting and a whole lot better for you when you make them yourself.

Lean, lean, lean

The key to getting a great taste and cutting down on kJ and fats is to select lean meat to make your patty. Check the label on the meat you pick up at the supermarket or ask your butcher for beef, pork or a combination of both with a low fat content. And don't forget, chicken makes for great burgers and it's naturally leaner than beef or pork.

But remember, lean meat can dry out if over cooked.

Get some great buns

Wholemeal, multi grain, rye, low salt... there are so many choices for you to go healthy without sacrificing taste. So mix it up and live a little.

One with the lot

Finally, you can go crazy on the salad and pile it high. Just take it a little easier on the sauces, mustards, processed chutneys or pickle and doubling up on the cheese: they may look friendly enough but they can give you a huge kJ boost.